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Why You Should Really Be Using A Safe Deposit Box To Store Your Valuables

Why You Should Really Be Using A Safe Deposit Box To Store Your Valuables | Guardforce HK

Finding a safe place to store your personal valuables can be a headache. You have to balance convenience with security and there is also the question of available space. When we talk of security, we don’t just mean the risk of theft, but also other risks such as fire, water leakage, flood and even natural disasters which can render even the most secret place vulnerable, and some irreplaceable items can be lost or damaged. None of these risks are in your control and can happen at any time so in this blog, we will look at why you should really be using a safe deposit box to store your valuables.

1. Eliminate risks

While your home can appear to be a calm and uneventful place, there are plenty of risks which can cause loss or damage to your personal valuables. Fire, water leakage, flood, theft and even environmental factors such as humidity, damp and mould can affect your valuable possessions. By storing your items in a safe deposit box you can eliminate these risks and have peace of mind that your valuables are not going to be lost, stolen or damaged. 

2. Space

Depending on the size and amount of your valuables, you might find space is an issue when storing them at home. Title deeds, confidential company documents, etc. might take up a lot of space and in a place such as Hong Kong, every inch of free space at home counts. Using a safe deposit box solves this issue easily.

3. Cost

You would be surprised how cost-effective a safe deposit box actually is. Guardforce Hong Kong for instance only requires an annual fee which is roughly equivalent to one meal out per month. And for that you get round-the-clock protection of your valuables and the peace of mind that comes with that.

4. The question of insurance

Not many people are aware of the fact that banks do not actually provide any insurance cover for their safe deposit box services. On top of this, you often have to wait a long time for a box to become available and your access to it may be limited. Thankfully, there are now private security companies providing safe deposit boxes which are available now, have better access and also offer comprehensive insurance cover. Guardforce Hong Kong is a trusted and well-established security services provider in Hong Kong and, depending on the type of valuables you wish to store, you can enjoy insurance coverage of up to HK$100,000 with their Tri-guard Safe Deposit Box or higher with their Mobile Safe Service.

5. The question of access time

A concern of many people when considering a safe deposit box is access hours. If you do choose to store valuables at home, you have easy access to passports, IDs, watches, jewellery, etc., 24/7. While it is true that using a bank safe deposit box, you are limited to accessing your valuables to the bank’s opening hours, private security companies offer much more flexible times. For example, Guardforce’s Tri-guard Safe Deposit Box offers clients access from 7am-11pm, 365 days a year. If this is not enough, the company also offers a Mobile Safe Service, giving you round-the-clock access to your valuables. To learn more, click here.

6. Security while on the move

Last but not least, you have to consider the security of your possessions while on the move. Travelling to and from a bank safe deposit box with your valuables is not only time consuming but may expose you to increased risk of robbery while in transit. With Guardforce’s Mobile Safe Service, you receive a VIP service where your valuables are securely delivered and retrieved from you 24/7.

Learn more about Guardforce Hong Kong’s Tri-guard Safe Deposit Box and Mobile Safe Service

If you have valuables stored at home, you should really consider using a more secure storage solution which is cheaper than you might expect. Contact Guardforce Hong Kong today and their secure storage experts will help you choose the option best suited to you and your budget. Visit their website here.

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