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Smart Safety Monitoring System

Adopt Advanced Technology to Set Best Practices for Occupational Safety on Construction Sites

Overcoming Challenges for Preventing Worksite Accidents

Construction companies are liable to ensure that all workers can return to their family safe and sound at the end of every work day. Industrial accidents not only result in physical harm to workers affecting work progress, but also cost the company injury compensation and potential damage to reputation.

No industrial accidents should be allowed to happen. Occupational safety must be ensured at all costs. Yet managing that in a vast worksite filled with workers is often labor-intensive and imposing a huge challenge for the industry.

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Guardforce Smart Alarm System Tailored For Detecting OSH Risks

Advanced technology comes in handy for enhancing safety supervision. Guardforce’s Smart Safety Monitoring Solution uses IoT, artificial intelligence and video analytics, connected with sensors and alarm systems together with a host of hardware and software for monitoring occupational safety round the clock, serving various functions to prevent accidents effectively.

Features include

  • People counting
  • Usage of personal protection equipment
  • Vibration detection
  • Abnormal object detection
  • Trespassing detection
  • Smoke and fire detection
  • Real-time site monitoring
  • Photo capture

Smart Worksite Monitoring System Dashboard | Guardforce

^ System Control Interface

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Diverse Functionalities Applicable for Tracking Work Progress Too

When the sensors and cameras detect unusual occurrences, the system will send an alert instantly to the designated mobile app or email to call for immediate follow-up action.


whatsapp alert | Smart Worksite Monitoring System - Guardforce  email alert | Smart Worksite Monitoring System - Guardforce

The cameras of the system can also be used to keep an eye on the worksite in real time and track work progress.

Construction companies can pick and choose from various features to have the solution flexibly and specifically tailored to the needs of individual worksites.

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