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According to the Hong Kong Government, around 6 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) is generated in the city every year. The consumption-led lifestyle is likely to keep driving up this figure. Managing all this waste is costly, logistically difficult and time-consuming for the Government.

The food waste challenge is equally daunting. It has prompted the Government to set aside a $100 million Recycling Fund to subsidize recycling efforts, including using Smart Recycling Bins to process kitchen waste at residential developments. Property management companies can apply for up to HK$2.5 million of subsidy for each application to support the Government’s recycling drive.

Citizens are encouraged to recycle glass, metal, paper and plastic to help make the environment greener to build a sustainable future. Technology can be used to make waste sorting easier, and induce more people to support the recycling initiative and benefit the community.

In the progress towards becoming a smart city making use of big data analyses to help enhance operations and monitoring to create long-term benefits for the society, smart waste management is easily as important as smart security, smart traffic or smart energy.

Guardforce now proudly presents innovative solutions that address all of the above. The solutions are designed to help stakeholders enhance operations as well as management, leading to a sustainable future. Our smart waste bin, smart food waste recycling bin and auto-sorting recycling bin deliver unique features to meet diverse waste management and recycling needs.

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Guardforce presents a comprehensive solution, combining industry-leading cloud-based software with the latest IoT smart sensor and smart waste bin technology, to deal with the current challenges encountered by waste collectors or facilities. By capturing the exact real-time data of rubbish bin conditions, this solution can help efficiently deal with overflowing bins, inefficient collections, high emissions, bad hygiene and lack of information for facilitating waste disposal.

Ultrasonic Fill-Level Sensor

The smart sensor embedded inside the smart bin detects the fill-level of bins and send data to the cloud-based monitoring and data analytics platform.    

Solar-Powered Trash Compactor

When the waste inside a bin reaches a pre-set level, the solar powered trash compactor will activate and compact the waste in the bin, enabling the bin to hold up to 8 times more waste and reduce collection frequency by up to 80%.

Fleet Management Platform

The platform supports smart waste bin location monitoring on a single dashboard, so it can optimise the collection route and schedule based on real-time data. This can enhance operational efficiency especially for remote site collection, and thus reducing emissions from collection trucks.

Safety Detection

Each smart waste bin is equipped with an intelligent safety sensor to ensure complete safety at all times. When a human hand is detected, the compaction process will immediately stop. In the event of a fire inside the bin, the fire detection sensor will immediately send an alert signal to notify the user while automatically starting to put out the fire.

Multimedia display

With the multimedia display, the bin can be used for marketing or educational purposes to maximize the value of utilizing a public facility space. Other than heightening public awareness of waste management, it can also be an additional revenue stream for the facility owner.


The combination of intelligent waste monitoring and trash compaction technologies makes smart bins head and shoulders above traditional garbage bins. Cities installing smart bins can enjoy:

  • A reduction in waste collection frequencies by up to 60%, resulting in less manpower required, emissions, fuel use and traffic congestion
  • A reduction in the number of waste bins needed
  • Analytics data helps manage collection routes and more effective placement of bins
  • Improved environment (i.e. no overflowing bins and less unpleasant odors)

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food waste bin - GuardforceSmart food waste recycling bin comes with a range of intelligent functions, as listed below:

IoT Sensor to detect fill-level & manage collection fleets

An IoT sensor embedded inside the smart food waste bin detects the fill-level of bins. Data are stored to the cloud-based platform for data analysis. Real-time monitoring of a bin’s fullness helps to efficiently schedule waste collection routes.

Auto-deodorization and sterilization

Food waste storage will breed bacteria and germs. To maintain good hygiene, the bin can auto-deodorize and sterilize regularly to keep the bin free of odors and germs.

Auto waste weighing and user identification

The Smart recycling bin for kitchen waste and other trash can record the information in users’ account with user identity verification by card or QR code,and weigh every load of the content disposed by individual users. Data can be used for facilitating property management efficiency.

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auto sorting binThe auto-sorting bin is able to manage the whole recycling process, from waste recognition to sorting, compaction, fill-level control and logistics optimization. With complete automation, there is no need to refer to the operational manual. Just enjoy the whole experience of hassle-free recycling from end-to-end. Its features include:

Auto waste sorting

The smart bin is equipped with artificial Intelligence and image processing to automatically identify the type of waste disposed into the bin and sort into the plastic, paper, metal or glass containers respectively.

Auto compaction

The embedded IoT sensor can activate the bin’s compactor to compress the waste and reduce the volume of plastic and paper so as to maximize the storage capacity.

Fill-Level Display 

The fill-level of each auto-sorting recycling bin is displayed on the touch screen display and the app.

IoT Cloud Platform and App 

Data are uploaded onto a cloud platform. The associated app can deliver real-time reports generated with the data, and send notifications to the waste management company when any of its bins is full, to help optimize operations.

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Our smart waste bin and auto-sorting recycling bin solution offer an ideal smart device for any indoor and outdoor facilities in Hong Kong that have to cope with heavy human traffic. These can include theme parks, urban areas, campuses, hospitals, MTR’s stations, airports, bus terminals, offices buildings, schools and convention centers, remote popular outing destinations such as outlying islands and hiking trails etc.

The smart food waste bin can be placed in residential developments, central kitchens or restaurants to support the Government’s initiatives on food waste recycling.

The Guardforce Smart Bin has been designed to fit seamlessly into the Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint, to take the pressure off waste collection services as well as improve the environment for all.  Contact us to learn more or arrange a demonstration.

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