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Guardforce's Smart City Solutions

A recent Netflix series entitled ‘Black Mirror’ depicts a near-future world and features a variety of smart technology concepts. These technologies are not so far-fetched though and we are beginning to see more and more innovative smart solutions in our everyday life. As Hong Kong continues to take steps towards being a smart city with its Smart City Blueprint, we take a look at how smart city solutions are making our lives easier and safer.

Smart bin solutions

Though a relatively clean city litter-wise, it’s still not uncommon to see overflowing bins and even bins with smoke pouring from the top on the streets of Hong Kong, particularly in busy areas.

Guardforce’s smart bin solution, now deployed in Hong Kong, is a smarter way to manage waste. It features a fill-level sensor which triggers the solar-powered compactor to compress the waste to 1/8 its volume. As well as solving the issue of overflowing bins, it optimises the capacity of bins and therefore the collection frequency can be reduced, further helping the environment.

The smart bin also has safety sensors to stop the possibility of hands being injured by the compaction and also detects if fire has broken out and can extinguish the fire itself.

As an Internet of Things (IoT) connected device, operators can use the fleet management platform via PC or mobile to optimise collection routes and schedules based on real-time data. This improvement over conventional methods saves time, costs and effort and reduces emissions on the road because fewer trips are needed.

Take a look at Guardforce’s smart bin solution in action:

Smart cleaning solutions

Staying on the topic of cleanliness, Guardforce has also developed other smart cleaning solutions.

As well as being difficult to recruit cleaners, managing the state of multiple bathrooms is not easy. Once again, smart IoT devices are the solution; this time making toilets more hygienic and also assisting cleaning companies manage their staff and timetables more effectively.

Guardforce’s smart cleaning solution combines a smart toilet system, smart soap dispensers and smart toilet roll dispensers. As connected IoT devices, these previously “dumb” daily conveniences can now people count, measure the odour concentration in a restroom, detect if toilet roll or soap is depleted and alert and inform facility management. This “clean-on-demand” concept not only helps operators manage multiple toilets in real time, it also delivers a more pleasant restroom experience for the end user with less manpower.

Video analytics solutions

When we think of smart city solutions, video analytics and big data play a key role. Combining CCTV, IoT and facial recognition technology, Guardforce’s video analytics solutions are revolutionising everything from the way retailers manage their outlets and premises approach security, all the way to how we keep our elderly safe.

Big data is the mass information collected from a variety of devices and sensors which can be used to more efficiently manage assets and resources. In a retail environment, Guardforce’s retail analytics solution uses big data collected from inside the shop to, for instance, provide insights to optimise staffing levels, product placement and even guide marketing decisions.

In a large environment where security is difficult to manage such as an airport or commercial premises, Guardforce’s facial recognition technology can be used to recognise threats and alert security personnel in real time. This technology can also be leveraged in a residential care home for the elderly (RCHE). Guardforce’s anti-wandering system, for instance, helps keep our vulnerable elderly safe by recognising if any resident is leaving a safe area and alerting the care givers to the danger.

Robotics solutions

IoT devices don’t just have to be fixed in one location though – Guardforce has developed cutting-edge robotic solutions which utilise facial recognition and analytics on the move. Robots deployed at a large facility can be used for a variety of roles from security, safety and even customer service.

Able to operate even in extreme weather, these robots send live images, alert operators of dangers, control access and interact with the public.

Securing smart city solutions

All these smart city solutions are very exciting, providing better experiences for the public, and also helping operators save costs and manage their business and manpower more effectively. However, as useful as IoT systems are, they also are subject to the same cyber-attacks as any other computerised networks.

This is why securing smart city solutions is of prime importance – particularly in the era of big data collection. Along with its innovation in the area of smart city solutions, Guardforce has also developed a 3-in-1 cyber-attack system. The Guardforce Real-time Insured Defence (GRID), protects all network devices with 24/7 monitoring and even protects business reputation from the effects of any data or security breach, all in a cost-effective and easy-to-install package.

To learn more about GRID, see here.

And if you would like to learn more about how any other of Guardforce’s smart city solutions can make your life easier and safer, contact us here.

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