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Reliable 24/7 professional security monitoring

Nowadays, smart or traditional alarms,  surveillance systems and IoT sensors offer diverse functions for detecting security and building environment irregularities, but they have to be supported by manpower for constant monitoring and responding to an alarm or suspicious activity detected by smart IoT devices. The monitoring team must be reliable and trustworthy, able to make instant and accurate professional judgement about all kinds of risks and stay alert 24/7.

Guardforce provides such monitoring service, so that business owners do not have to take on the burden and the excessive expenses of building their own monitoring teams.

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MONITORING of Alarm and Surveillance Systems

Situated in a standalone dedicated location, the Guardforce Central Monitoring Centre supports our customers with non-stop monitoring of alarm and IoT-powered surveillance systems in the most professional and secure way. The Central Monitoring Centre connects to customers’ cutting-edge security systems, and has well-trained professional security teams on duty 24/7 to keep watch of customers’ premises, giving them absolute peace of mind.

Monitoring of IoT Sensors in Buildings

With the advancement of technology, IoT sensors are now broadly used to monitor irregularities in a building in real time. With this smart building monitoring approach, alerts will be sent to a user’s designated contact point once abnormal occurrences are detected and immediate action is needed. Outsourcing such monitoring to reliable professionals will assure your building is operated at a safe and optimal level, free from risks of water leakage and incidents involving electricity, smoke, fire and more.  

Guardforce’s strengths

Compliant – We are fully licensed by regulatory bodies, holding Type I, II and III Security Work Licenses issued by the Security and Guarding Services Industry Authority of Hong Kong.

Professional – Our monitoring team has undergone extensive and ongoing training and is thoroughly vetted.

Secure – Our facilities are manned 24/7 and adopt the strictest security protocol for access.

Cutting-edge – We deploy state-of-the-art technology, and our Patriot 6 advanced alarm monitoring software is equipped with a floor-map feature that can accurately and instantly identify incident locations.

Comprehensive – We offer a range of value-added services, including reporting, key holding and regular system maintenance, as well as ad hoc patrol service to ensure that security monitoring of clients’ premises is always conducted with optimal effectiveness.

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Why out-source security monitoring?

You can leverage decades of security experience, professional expertise and top-notch security technology of Guardforce to keep your business premises safe! Guardforce Smart Monitoring Centre’s 24/7 monitoring service provides a cost-effective solution for retailers, factories, offices, building management companies, high-end residences and other businesses to maintain surveillance by constant monitoring of customers’ security systems.


  • Save manpower, especially when it’s difficult to recruit for odd-hour shifts
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • Visual checks of incidents through CCTVs or by our patrol team to reduce false-alarm mobilization
  • Regular reports provided based on clients’ requirements to generate management insights and analyses

For a complete solution, please also check out our smart building solution to see how technology can help safeguard your site with ease.

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