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Guardforce Received Business For Social Good Outstanding Awards - Excellence in Innovation

Guardforce is proud to be selected as the winner for the Business for Social Good Outstanding Awards - Excellence, organised by Our Hong Kong Foundation to highlight exemplary corporations for creating social and environmental benefits through profit-making businesses.

The Awards are the first of its kind that aims to advocate for new and better ways to deliver products and services, meet market needs, nurture productive enterprises and build a progressive society.

Upholding the mission to “deliver innovative solutions, fortified security and genuine care for the community, with foresight to identify evolving needs”, Guardforce has been making every effort to build a caring and innovative company, putting the needs of people, businesses and the community foremost. Guardforce is delighted that this ethos is applauded by being named the winner in this year’s Business for Social Good Outstanding Awards - Excellence in Innovation.

Elderly care and smart city solutions help enhance community’s well-being

One example of our achievements was introducing the first-in-market Anti-wandering solution, using facial recognition to help track the movement of elderly residents in care homes so as to prevent residents from wandering off facilities unaccompanied. In an effort to apply the solution widely, Guardforce worked with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service to define new standards on making the solution eligible for the Government’s Innovation and Technology Fund. The funding support enables more care facilities to adopt the solution. The process demonstrates our innovativeness in creating a solution as well as finding ways for wider adoption of a win-win solution that benefits users, the society as well as the company.

Buoyed by the award, Guardforce renews its conviction to continue working on caring and sustainable smart city solutions, such as smart care solutions, smart binsand smart cleaning solutions, that will contribute to enhancing the overall well-being of the community.

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