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Hong Kong Economic Journal Story Highlights Guardforce Innovating For The Benefit Of The Community

Hong Kong Economic Journal published a story on August 26 that Guardforce,celebrating its 45th Anniversary this year,takes the lead to innovate and introduce cutting-edge services as the group stays committed to developing integrated security services.

The report quoted Guardforce’s Deputy Managing Director, Mr Andrew Wong, that the group is one of the few security companies in Hong Kong providing comprehensive services, with its elite team of 11,000 staff members. Catering to evolving needs of the market, Guardforce has been forging a new way forward.

Mr. Steven Leung, Guardforce Group General Manager, Business Strategy & Transformation, said that Guardforce has been focusing on developing advanced security technology and solutions for elderly care, sustainability, robotics and smart city, and applying well-developed solutions to different scenarios, leveraging the strength of its brand. Among the applied solutions, the elderly care solution for preventing wandering, bed exit and falls has been adopted in 60 care homes. There are eco-friendly solutions such as smart bins, kitchen waste recycling bins and smart auto-sorting bins. Solutions leveraging IoT technology include the Smart Building solution, Smart Monitoring Centre and the Smart Toilet that has most recently added to approximately 20 toilets in a major public leisure space. The vitals sensor installed in facilities in conjunction with the one of the government department won a silver medal in this year’s International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, and the robotics solutions have been a great help for countering Covid-19 in the past two years. The range of solutions reflect that Guardforce helps solve all forms of challenges in the community, in step with social development.

Mr Wong added that in Guardforce’s view, security is more than about protecting lives. The true purpose of security is to give everyone in the community peace of mind.

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