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3 Key Trends in Access Control – Benefits Beyond Security - Guardforce

Access control used to be treated as a stand-alone security device to restrict or authorize access to a resource or place. Now, with digital advances and the Internet of Things (IoT), access control goes beyond just security and its role has transformed to meet the new expectations and requirements of the modern world. In this post, we will look at 3 key trends in access control and highlight the benefits that go beyond security.

Trend 1: Mobile Keys

Mobile keys have gained in popularity because users can be quickly added or deleted and they are more secure than physical keys because they cannot be duplicated.

By using mobile keys, users no longer need to carry additional cards or devices, therefore eliminating the risk of physical keys being lost or the cost of their replacement. Smart phone integrations have also brought enormous convenience to users in this area of access control.

Co-working spaces, in particular, have benefited greatly from mobile keys as they have many varying needs to be addressed, such as zones, times, charges and different users coming and going. The administrator in this case can remotely grant access anytime, anywhere and delete or add users as required. Access management for mobile keys can also take different forms to meet the needs of the users, e.g. passwords, QR codes, pins, etc.

Trend 2: Biometric

Biometric access control takes a more proactive approach to combatting security threats through analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). It is more resistant to fraud and provides a more seamless experience for users. Users can be identified through their own fingerprints, retina and, increasingly popular, their own features through facial recognition. 

An excellent example of how facial recognition is being used today is Guardforce’s award-winning Anti-wandering System which has already been installed in nearly 20 care homes to keep elderly residents safe. This solution combines IoT enabled CCTV with facial recognition technology to not only control access points and identify and locate residents without the need for wearable devices, it also extends beyond security by recording staff and service users’ attendance.

Though facial recognition technology has been around for a relatively long time, it is now faster, more reliable and more accurate than ever before, making it an ideal solution for access control, especially in areas with multiple entry points or high footfall.

Trend 3: Connectivity

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, combining access control with IoT devices makes for a very powerful solution which goes beyond security. The combination can be used for improving operational efficiency and optimizing resources to save costs. An example of this in action can be seen in smart offices and smart buildings. For instance, when the system detects the last worker has left the office, the lighting, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system associated with the worker’s zone will be automatically switched off.

Though using advances in IoT to extend access control beyond just security in Building Management Systems (BMS) is an excellent way to reduce costs and our carbon footprint, when so many IoT devices are connected together, it is essential that a single platform is in place to manage the system and ensure seamless connectivity. Read more about The Importance of One Platform to Manage Multiple IoT Devices here.

Is your industry enjoying the benefits of these trends?

The commercial sector makes up over 60% of the access control buyers’ market as of 2019. Construction companies purchase access control systems to install into new buildings, manufacturers need access control to prevent theft of equipment, financial institutions employ access control to secure, among others, safe deposit boxes and ATMs, hotels need digital keys, law firms and healthcare facilities need to protect confidential documents, and the list goes on.

If you are in an industry that is a top access control buyer, you should consider the new trends in access control and choose products to serve your future needs so you aren’t left behind.

Learn more about access control systems and how they go beyond just security

So, you can see that there are clear trends that access control is indeed shifting focus from solely a security measure to be a more comprehensive, seamless user experience. Learn more about how these new access control systems can help you by contacting Guardforce Limited today for a consultation and find the solution to best suit your needs.

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