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An effective solution to prevent the spread of epidemic diseases

Body temperature measurement has become commonplace in the region when entering public places such as offices, hospitals, shopping centers, educational campuses, daycare centres, airports and other transport hubs. It is expected that this practice will continue for some time and although a necessary procedure, it is labour intensive and rather invasive.

Guardforce has always been at the forefront of IoT-based security systems and now using the state-of-art technology, combining facial recognition, visitor management system and robotic solution to safeguard public health.

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1. Guardforce Smart Disinfection Station

Alternative to VirusGuard, using a high-power ultrasonic diffuser, Smart Disinfection Station is an ideal solution for designated areas of offices, factories, schools, hotels and retail shops where space is tight and it is not feasible for operating our VirusGuard disinfection robots.

Guardforce Smart Disinfection Station effectively sterilizes an object’s surface and the surroundings and the device can be activated by any one of three modes – remote control, motion sensors or by schedule.

With the slim and compact design, and using disinfectant which is certified safe for humans, the station is equipped with a 13L tank, enabling continuous disinfection, covering a distance of 1-2 meters.

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2. Guardforce Fever-Guard Solution

A new generation contactless thermal imaging product able to measure body temperatures of people passing by in large spaces without the need for stopping subjects or potentially exposing inspectors to infection.

By simply installing a thermal imaging lens onto the CCTV camera, the facial recognition system can identify and detect body temperatures of mass groups of people. If a subject with an abnormal body temperature is identified, an alert will appear on-screen and could be sent to the relevant personnel if needed. This alert can be instant via an alarm or via a mobile device message.  With the person identified and recognized, the system could also keep track of the body temperatures taken. 

The benefits of Fever-Guard solution to detect body temperature are numerous

  • Immediate response – capable to detect body temperature for upto 16 people each time.  Detection of abnormal temperature will trigger an immediate alert and to designated mobile or trigger an alarm.
  • Less reliance on human – all measurement are accurately recorded and traceable and historical data can be accessed anytime associate with an individual therefore less reliance on human and no extra manpower is needed.
  • Non-intrusive - members of the public can move freely with no need to stop for their temperature to be measured – vital for the smooth operation of transport hubs in particular.
  • Flexible and versatile – quick and easy installation on all kinds of entrance set up.  The system is compatible with other communication system, mobile devices etc.
  • Record control – All data are recorded and can be easily retrieved through Name /ID Search. Record can be exported for further management analysis.

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3. Guardforce Smart ConcieGuard

Visitor Management Robot | Smart Concieguard | Guardforce Hong KongA multi-functional robot combining visitor management system, concierge, customer services, access control and surveillance features has added a new function for  measuring visitors’ body temperatures. It serves as a perfect device to man high-traffic  entrances of commercial and residential buildings , schools, hospitals and other premises, to record body temperatures and prevent the spread of the virus.

Benefits of using thermal imaging CCTV, facial recognition and robotics to check body temperatures

As with security systems which integrate CCTV with facial recognition and robotics to keep the public and property safe, the benefits of using the same technology to check body temperature are numerous.

  • First, such system requires no manpower to operate. The system is automated and relevant staff are only alerted if the pre-defined parameters are met.
  • Secondly, and very importantly when dealing with infectious diseases, the system is contactless, meaning that front-line staff are not put at unnecessary exposure risk checking the temperatures of large numbers of people.
  • It is non-intrusive, so members of the public can move freely with no need to stop for their body temperature checks, which is vital for the smooth operation of transport hubs in particular.
  • The system can detect the body temperature of up to eight people at a time, across a wide space and over a long distance, ensuring no one is missed. The results have an accuracy of +/- 0.3°C. This is especially useful in densely packed Asian cities.
  • It is also simple to install and operate with a user-friendly interface.
  • Using robot as a tool is a friendly and fun approach to measure body temperatures
  • Multi-purpose robots can help reduce manpower and automate the guest registration process

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4. Smart VirusGuard

Disinfect Anytime, Anywhere With Smart VirusGuard

It’s possible to have your premises disinfected round-the-clock. Guardforce’s latest intelligent solution – Smart VirusGuard – sprays and disinfects your premises constantly and consistently with disinfectants proven safe for humans in lab tests. It doesn’t need to take a break or clock off!

Powered by an internal disinfection system, the smart robot can take over extensive floor and air disinfection at hospitals, offices, factories, schools and other public facilities. It operates on auto-pilot along preset routes to accurately and efficiently spray disinfect in various work modes, and automatically returns to base for recharging at low power.

Key Features

  • Spray disinfect floors
  • Sterilization aerosol
  • Auto-return to base to recharge
  • Auto-pilot and smart anti-collision
  • Auto-pilot into elevators for multi-floor disinfection
  • Auto-mapping of disinfection locations, routes and schedules
  • Long battery life


Flexible – The robot will clean and disinfect based on your schedule, as often as you like.

Safe – It uses highly effective disinfectants contains chlorine dioxide and phytoncide that are certified safe for humans in lab tests.

Economical – The more you use the solution, the more you save over the long run.

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5. Guardforce's Fever Check Reader

Integrate fever screening into facial recognition enabled access control

It’s no longer optional but a must to have a body temperature function integrated into your access control system to combat the unpredictable pandemic situation. This is especially important for public venues like residential and commercial buildings, schools, construction sites, offices and other, to safeguard public health and support anti-pandemic measures.  

Guardforce Fever Check Reader is a contactless technological tool to automate the access control process without exposing your staff or customers to any health risks.

The device is enabled for facial recognition and can be integrated with other systems, such as access control points, gates and doors, as a dual-control solution to only admit authorised personnel who do not have a fever.

Key Features:

  • Facial recognition enabled
  • Flexible setting for recognition with or without mask and acceptable body temperature range
  • Dual control for enhanced protection
  • Contactless with high hygiene standards
  • Traceable records
  • Scalable and compatible with many devices

Being the first and leading security company and innovator in Asia, Guardforce is proud to add Guardforce Fever-Guard and Smart Robotics to its extensive range of traditional and innovative security products encompassing Cash-in-transit, Cash Processing, Security Guarding, Electronic security and more. 

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